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Our Story

“If you look at our traditional objects, like a boomerang or a wumura, they are objects of sophisticated function, of great beauty, are inherently sustainable and also contain a spiritual layer, which is usually carved or painted onto it. This is what informs our practice today. To match the intent and the talent of our ancestral designers is what we strive for. This is design from an Aboriginal perspective.”

- Alison Page, Aboriginal Designer

what we do

The National Aboriginal Design Agency brokers partnerships between Aboriginal Artists and manufacturers to create unique design products such as carpets, lighting, furniture, textiles, wall coverings, and architectural products with an Aboriginal aesthetic. It is an opportunity for manufacturers to be first to market with an authentic Aboriginal product that ‘tells a story’.

We create products and designs that contain stories, these stories resonate with people, these products speak to the customer.

who we work with

Our clients include retailers, gift retailers, architects, designers, galleries/museums, resorts, organisations looking for meaningful graphic design

we are a social enterprise owned by ten Aboriginal communities

The National Aboriginal Design Agency is a commercial arm of the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation governed by ten Local Aboriginal Land Councils from Karuah to Coffs Harbour on the NSW Mid North Coast. The Alliance aims to position culture as the foundation for the development of the region’s Aboriginal communities through skills development, cultural programs and the creation of culturally-based employment opportunities.

The National Aboriginal Design Agency is an integrated employment and training initiative aimed at ‘closing the gap’ in the region’s Indigenous communities by supporting artists.

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