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Brentyn Lugnan

I think in terms of images

Brentyn Lugnan is a Gumbaynggirr Artist from Urunga on the NSW North Coast. Brentyn is a trained artist, having attended the Sydney College of Fine Arts, TAFE and the EORA College in Sydney. He worked as a Graphic Designer for Television with SBS, an Animator on ‘The Dreaming Series’ at Aboriginal Nations for the ABC and is co-founder of Bruz Design, clothing and graphics.

I have been producing pieces since high school and producing works for sale since 1993.

I am inspired by my life, especially my childhood. I have always though in terms of images so I try to express my feelings and experiences through images . I call my technique ‘tradigital’. My work is often a convergence of art through graphics  and digital enhancement. I never plan my paintings.

I see a huge scope for where Aboriginal art can go. We are ready to be accepted into the mainstream and should be considered as artists without having to be termed Aboriginal artists.

My best advice to emerging artists would be to concentrate on technique and developing your practical skills.

The featured image on this page is called ‘Rock Pool’ an acrylic on canvas painted by Brentyn in 2010

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