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Thomas Croft

Everything within our boundaries is of much significance,
A love of country and all that exists, inspires me to release what I do onto canvas

Born in 1974 in South Australia Thomas Croft originates from the Barngala clan and is passionate about creating artwork that connects to country

Having lived in the Northern Territory for 26 years before moving to Newcastle in NSW, Thomas has been influenced strongly by the artists and the seasons of the Northern Territory.

‘I paint stories such as Shifting Sands which depicts the formation and constant change of our country. I love to paint things which hold cultural significance such as fire, water, sea animals, land animals, and especially Numbadda (Whale) as it holds significant value to my people.

My paintings are the interpretations of stories handed down by my elders past and present.’

‘Living in the Northern Territory for most of my life the wet season played a huge role in rejuvenating the life of the land. The rain brought rivers, billabongs and plant life back to life. Land and sea animals flourished off the wet season and food sources would increase for the people living of the land.’

‘Traditional stories passed down and my life experience influence me, to not only tell these stories through my artwork, but most importantly to teach my children who they are and build on their identity as Barngarla people.’