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Cultural Design Services


The National Aboriginal Design Agency brokers partnerships between Aboriginal Artists and manufacturers to create unique products such as carpets, lighting, furniture, textiles, wall coverings, and architectural products with a modern Aboriginal design aesthetic. As a manufacturer, it is your opportunity to be first to market with an authentic Aboriginal product that truly tells a story.

What we can do for you?

Create a range

We incorporate the ancient Aboriginal tradition of storytelling into design, to create products with meaning.

We facilitate the creation of contemporary, enduring and compelling designs which speak of the human connection to the land and the importance of family and community.

The result is a striking visual narrative which reveals the values at the heart of many Indigenous cultures; stories that the world is ready to hear.

We work collaboratively with artists, designers and manufacturers in the areas of licensing and co-creating. We have taken the lead on developing best-practice licensing process in this area, with Aboriginal intellectual property lawyer Terri Janke.

Co-create authentic products

Aboriginal design has no doubt captured the attention and affection of a massive audience, and has become more relevant than ever.

But questions about provenance, authenticity, appropriation and licensing often remain a source of confusion and even hesitation to those considering commissioning Aboriginal designs for a product line.

That’s why NADA exists – to champion these very protocols. For us, contemporary visual design is a new language to be able to tell and to communicate Aboriginal cultural values to the world.

As a wholesaler of authentic Aboriginal products created by Aboriginal artists and designers, we supply products to a variety of retail outlets, including museum shops and online, safeguarding the line of provenance and ensuring that both the artist and their community is recognised and receives the benefits.

What’s next?

Contact our office on 02 6658 1315 or via our contact page for more information

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