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Authentic Products


The National Aboriginal Design Agency is the wholesaler of authentic Aboriginal products created by Aboriginal artists and designers. Made in Australia, the Agency will ensure the supply of the products to various retail outlets, including museum shops and on-line.

What we can do for you?

We use design as a new language for us to be able to tell our stories and to communicate our Aboriginal cultural values to the world.  The stories talk of the human connection to the universe, the importance of our families, respecting our Elders and passing on knowledge to youth. These are the stories the world now needs to hear.

We supply our retail clients with authentic Aboriginal products that tell these stories. The agency is also able to work with our retail clients to co-create unique products for exhibitions and performances.

We have a best practice licensing process developed by Aboriginal Intellectual Property Lawyer, Terri Janke.

What’s next?

Please contact our office on 02 6658 1315 or via our contact page for more information

Our Authentic Products

See examples below of our products:

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