The Stories Behind the AdoreMat Range

Family Spirit by Brentyn Lugnan

This design features striking interlinked life forms and, according to the artist, depicts how “we are all connected, family extends across distance”.

Gathering of Berries by Bibi Barba

The circle in the centre represents gathering of knowledge with Tribes coming together. The small circles represent the berries that are offered to the gathering in return for knowledge. Knowledge is the key for survival. The berries are foods that help to sustain life.

Collecting Pippis by Bibi Barba

“This depicts the gathering of pipis for women’s business,” says Bibi. “Pipis are used to clean the digestive system for birthing place. They are a great source of vitamin and zinc for Aboriginal women.”

Each mat is backed with lightweight nitrile rubber and features twist nylon – a speciality textile that enables dust and dirt to be drawn to the base, helping your mat look great for longer.

Flannel Flowers by Shelley Monkland

“I have a strong passion for all Australian native flora and fauna,” says Shelley. “The Flannel flower is my signature design – it is a wildflower growing predominantly in NSW.”

“NADA is pleased to offer an exciting new product that features Aboriginal design for homes and businesses. NADA being able to partner with another innovative business is exciting for our artists and showcases their artistic talents in a modern contemporary form,”

says Chris Spencer, general manager of Saltwater Freshwater.

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