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Angela Marr-Grogan

Angela Marr-Grogan is a Birrbay woman with connections to the Dhanggatti and Warrimay people on the North Coast of New South Wales.

Brentyn Lugnan

Brentyn Lugnan is a Gumbaynggirr artist from Urunga on the Mid North Coast of NSW


"I have been creating artwork for around 40-50 years."

Lani Balzan

Lani is committed to motivate youth, their families, and carers within her community

Lee Townsend

Lee Townsend is a Dharug and Kamilaroi woman born and raised in Blacktown, NSW. 

Natalie Bateman

"My paintings all have the essence of my family in them, they are my life and all bring colour to my world."

Shelley Monkland

Shelley has been a practising textile artist for over 20 years, using a variety of textile techniques in her work.

Tanya Taylor

"I developed a very close link with the land and feel at one and at home with the bush"

Bibi Barba

Inspired by her Grandmother’s storytelling and her love of the land, Bibi’s artwork has a sense of vivid storytelling.

Danielle Burford

"My art reflects everything that is Australian, from animals and trees to the red dirt and sky, using traditional colours and involving a range of tones to create depth."

Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt

Jeremy is descendent of the Nganyaywana, Daingutti (Dhanggatti) and Gumbainga (Gumbaynggir) nations and has English, Irish and Scottish heritage. 

Marjorie Williams

Marjorie Williams is a senior Western Arrernte woman born in Alice Springs, with a strong commitment to Western Arrernte Women's Law.

Nicolle Duncan

Nicolle Duncan is a Biripi artist who grew up in Dharawal country and was fortunate to have lessons with Aboriginal artist Lee-Anne Hunter. 

Rex Winston

"My artwork is inspired by my identity. I try to create works that have an interior decor aspect about them … a modern contemporary style of art rather than traditional art."

Suzy Evans

Her works of acrylic paints on wood, paper and canvas are “colour abstract representations of cultural symbols.”

Thomas Croft

"I paint stories such as Shifting Sands which depicts the formation and constant change of our country"

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