Tanya Taylor

I developed a very close link with the land and feel at one and at home with the bush

Tanya Taylor is a Kattang/Worimi artist from Taree on the mid north coast of NSW, a prolific artist who often paints through the night.

Bought up on bush food until she was 27 years old, Tanya’s father was a strong hunter and a strong personality.

“He would take us out into the bush every weekend and after school each day we would go fishing for mullet, gather mussels, and dig out grubs for bait."

I developed a very close link with the land and feel at one and at home with the bush. I am very much linked with the spirits from his teachings. I do not know where my ideas come from, sometimes I have dreams which inspire my paintings.

Like most artists what is important to me comes out in my art work.

My spirit world is important to me and a lot of my art is inspired by nature and my life experiences. When I was a child we went regularly as a group to a set of caves in the local area. One of these caves had rock art in it, it left a great impression on me.

The rock art included abstract figures, animals and even sailing ships and white people, the women drawn with a long triangle dress and the men wearing top hats. "I still see these images in my mind.”


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