The National Aboriginal Design Agency are very proud to have been involved in the The $73 million Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct project.

The precinct opened in January 2015 and comprises of a modern police station with vertical blocks of colour inspired by local Blackbutt trees; and an open and curvaceous courthouse which takes the horizontality of the canopy of trees as the motive for the facade.

The architects responsible for the contemporary and thought provoking design, PTW Architects approached NADA to provide a culturally appropriate design to be implemented into the foyer of the new courthouse.

Decisions, created by local Gumbaynggirr  artist, Brentyn Lugnan was the chosen design and the most apt design to be used throughout the new courthouse where important decisions are made daily.

Brentyn describes the design as follows:

In the design, the lines of larger dots show traditional travelling paths, representing the lives and journeys of people. Stretching out from these are smaller ‘branches’ reaching out into the world through the landscape. These show the choices we make.

As we travel through our existence, we all make decisions every day that have a permanent mark on our lives and the lives of others.

The 'Decisions' design is featured strongly throughout the foyer of the courthouse; incorporated into the visually stunning light box standing centrally in the foyer, also evident as safety guard on glass paneling, featured on the reception desk as you enter the foyer and acting as a privacy screen on meeting room glass paneling. The design can also be seen on chairs situated in the jury meeting rooms upstairs in the courthouse.

The finished product is an exemplary showcase of what can be done using contemporary Aboriginal design.

The photographs of the courthouse have been provided courtesy of PTW Architects, photographer Adrian Boddy.

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In the design, the lines of larger dots show traditional travelling paths, representing the lives and journeys of people.

Brentyn Lugnan, Artist

Brentyn Lugnan

Brentyn Lugnan is a Gumbaynggirr artist and Coffs Harbour identity. Originally from Urunga, he returned to the Mid North Coast after living in Sydney’s inner city, where he worked as graphic designer for SBS and an animator at the ABC. Brentyn’s public art appears across the interior of the Westpac building at Barangaroo, in Darling Harbour and throughout the foyer of Coffs Harbour Court House.

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