The National Aboriginal Design Agency (NADA) is delighted to collaborate with luxury Sydney-based wallpaper company Luxe Walls, to offer a range of contemporary Aboriginal design wallpaper.

There are 14 works on offer in the capsule collection, which each share a story of ancient or contemporary Aboriginal culture. Priced at $99 per square metre, the range is an affordable way to invest in Aboriginal art.

What’s more the wallpaper is 100% removable and reusable, which means you can enrich your surroundings even if you move home.


All of Luxe Walls’ Aboriginal wallpapers and wall murals are custom printed to ensure that your room is totally unique. Choose from among the beautiful crafted designs and select the colourway to suit your interior.

The National Aboriginal Design Agency is the commercial arm run by not-for-profit Aboriginal arts organisation, Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance.

Its general manager Chris Spencer said:

“Working with Luxe Walls allows Aboriginal artists the opportunity to express their individual stories in the form of visual art to be transferred into prominent textile products such as carpets or wallpaper for commercial businesses. This further enhances the artist’s development from a hobbyist to a professional practising artist and stimulates growth in Aboriginal communities for artistic practice.”

For more information on the Luxe Walls / NADA range please visit Luxe Walls.

We hope that people will be inspired by the varied body of work that these artists have created and the beautiful stories that accompany each artwork. I was expecting artwork created out of dots and dashes, but when I saw the creative techniques used to tell the stories I was totally blown away.

Julia Hill from Luxe Walls

Angela Marr-Grogan

Angela Marr-Grogan is a Birrbay woman with connections to the Dhanggatti and Warrimay people on the North Coast of New South Wales.

Brentyn Lugnan

Brentyn Lugnan is a Gumbaynggirr artist from Urunga on the Mid North Coast of NSW

Bibi Barba

Inspired by her Grandmother’s storytelling and her love of the land, Bibi’s artwork has a sense of vivid storytelling.

Nicolle Duncan

Nicolle Duncan is a Biripi artist who grew up in Dharawal country and was fortunate to have lessons with Aboriginal artist Lee-Anne Hunter. 

Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt

Jeremy is descendent of the Nganyaywana, Daingutti (Dhanggatti) and Gumbainga (Gumbaynggir) nations and has English, Irish and Scottish heritage. 

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