NADA & artist Lani Balzan have been working on a project with NSW Environment Protection Agency on a new program focusing on Aboriginal land clean-up and prevention.

“The background of the painting represents the land, our country.  The lined areas of both ends represent the importance of waste management and recycling and how it connects to caring for the land and country and the people within communities.  

The middle dotted area represents us working together and partnerships to care for the country together. The white dots in the middle and moving outwards represent the elements of the diversity in N.S.W. The different dotted areas throughout the painting represent community designing their own solutions and being involved at all stages.  

The overall of the painting represents the land and the importance to look after it and with this program how we as a community can achieve this.”

The background of the painting represents the land, our country

Lani Balzan, Artist

Lani Balzan

Lani is a recognised artist, Aboriginal Education Officer, and art therapy facilitator. Painting is her passion, and offers Lani a way to showcase and share her culture.

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