The National Aboriginal Design Agency (NADA) in collaboration with Ontera-Milliken offer the Water Yuludarla Aboriginal carpet range. The range is an interpretation of original artwork created by Gumbaynggirr artist, Brentyn Lugnan from Urunga on the Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia.

Images courtesy of Ontera-Milliken and photographer: Jan Kuczerawy

Inspired by the many elements of Brentyn’s original artwork, each of the six designs in the collection signify a connection to both the land and people of the Urunga region – past, current and future.

The designs and colourways in the “Water Yuludarla” collection are envisioned for use across multiple market segments and spaces.


“In this artwork, you can see the river flowing through the middle, along the edges of the river are representations of people; my ancestors and all the people who came before us who were sustained and nourished by the river and everything it had to offer. In the middle you see my family symbol branching out to smaller family units. This shows that our Spirit comes from our connection to country, and this extends to our families. So as the family grows and spreads out we still take a piece of home with us. It's all about our connection to country, and how this is integral to Aboriginal people, their culture and their lives."

Brentyn Lugnan, artist

“Having worked on project collaborations in the past, I have come to understand the importance of chemistry and clear direction as the essential foundation.  The Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance (SWFW)/National Aboriginal Design Agency (NADA) leadership worked extremely efficiently on these 2 principles to help us select artist Brentyn Lugnan.  The chemistry was amazing and the net result was 'Water Yuludarla', soon to be one of the most successful product launches in Ontera-Milliken’s history.  We look forward to working with SWFW/NADA again in the future.”
Matt Cooper
General Manager
Ontera - Milliken (Australia) Pty Ltd

Brentyn Lugnan

Brentyn Lugnan is a Gumbaynggirr artist and Coffs Harbour identity. Originally from Urunga, he returned to the Mid North Coast after living in Sydney’s inner city, where he worked as graphic designer for SBS and an animator at the ABC. Brentyn’s public art appears across the interior of the Westpac building at Barangaroo, in Darling Harbour and throughout the foyer of Coffs Harbour Court House.

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